• Each year, all CMC faculty and staff must review the information contained within the mandatory training links to the right according to the following directions.  

    1. Click on the link Civil Rights and Section 504 and read the information provided.
    2. Click on the link Confidentiality of Student Records and FERPA and read the information provided.
    3. Click on the link Conflict of Interest law, watch the video presentation, complete the assessment, print the certificate and send a copy to central office.
    4. Click on the links 603cmr46 and Massachusetts Restraint & Seclusion Regulations and Procedures,
      and read the information provided. Then print, complete and turn in the post-training assessment to your Program Administrator.
    5. Click on the link Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan and read the information provided.
    6. Click on the link Universal Precautions3 and read the information provided. Then print, complete and turn in the Bloodborne Pathogens and Universal Precautions test to your Program Administrator.
    7. Click on the link Employee Assistance Plan and watch the video.
    8. Click on the link Employee Handbook and read the information provided. Print the Acknowledgement of Receipt page, complete it (sign), and send a copy to central office.
    9. Click on the link Mandatory Trainings - Certification of Completion and complete the form in its entirety.

    Your completed form will be sent electronically to the central office, printed and kept on file.

    Certification of review and understanding must be received in central office no later than September 30th of each new school year or within two weeks of initial employment.